Plymouth River Elementary School and Foster Elementary School, Hingham, MA

  • Total Area: 73,400/65,900 square feet
  • Project Budget: $6,000,000
  • Projects Complete: December 2010
  • Project Type: Phased/occupied renovation

The work performed in these two schools provided space reconfigurations and upgrades to provide equity of program offerings to students between all of the elementary schools in Hingham. The majority of the work was performed over 2 summer recess periods by two separate general contractors who worked simultaneously on both buildings. The scope of work included extensive site improvements, classroom reconfigurations and finish improvements throughout each building, new kindergarten classrooms and art rooms, and extensive accessibility improvements throughout each building to bring the buildings into compliance with MAAB. Off hour shifts were implemented to complete portions of the work that could not be completed during summer recesses. Construction oversight was demanding to ensure that clean and safe environments were maintained through completion of the work in each school.

Project completed on time and on budget.

Site by Clockwork Design Group, Inc.