Needham Bank Addition

  • Total Area: 18,504 square feet
  • Project Budget: $5,658,455
  • General Contractor: Delphi Construction
  • Construction Type: Addition/Renovation

Due to recent success, Needham Bank needed to make additions and alterations the main Needham Bank building. The additions included a prominent entry and reception area, three floors of offices, flexible conference rooms and a stately new Board Room. The Needham Bank building initially was comprised of three separate buildings, some dating back to the early 1900's, that were connected through renovation projects in recent years. The new two-story addition was designed to respect the individual architectural detailing found on each of the three distinctive period sections and we were able to pull all portions of the building together with this one addition.

Inserting this addition in close proximity to sensitive, historical structures with existing rubble foundation walls was daunting. An extensive underpinning operation was required to ensure there was no structural damage to the original buildings.

Also, all of the disjointed circulation routes and the ensuing difficulty users had in circulating between floors needed to be resolved. The central circulation backbone designed in the addition is a very successful element that connects all floors vertically and horizontally. An open circulation spine successfully joins each portion of the building at each level. The connector is a significant architectural feature for the bank that not only aligns the disjointed spaces, but also provides a reservoir of natural daylight and enhances the overall experience for the employees and customers.

Site by Clockwork Design Group, Inc.